In Focus Drone Services LLC

In Focus Drone Services LLC

Visual Inspection and Videography Services

Assisting businesses and individuals increase their value and help them meet their goals more efficiently

by providing better, dependable solutions to complex problems

through the use of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles.


Steffes Group
Prime Net Lease
Washington Iowa YMCA
Blake Hershberger Enterprises
Drone Hive
Palmer Home Inspection


Equipped with 6k, 10 bit video recording capability, we can deliver smooth high resolution raw cinematic footage for your video projects. It takes much more than high resolution footage or expensive equipment to produce a professional and captivating finished product. The difference is in the details.


Drones are invaluable when it comes to analyzing workflow, inventory auditing, progress reports, proof of work, and safety analysis out on the construction site. This saves supervisors and managers time and provides peace of mind when they have a clear visual that helps keep the project moving forward.
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Aerial Mapping

Having up-to-date maps of fields and areas used for agriculture, nature reserves, and woodlands, can be useful for water management, erosion control, and preservation of woodlands and vegetation species. Aerial maps can aid in planning for controlled burns. Live monitoring of fires from a drone can increase hazard awareness.

Infrastructure Inspections

Keeping a close eye on municipalities and infrastructures, such as telecommunication towers, water towers, main lines, and other utilities can be very costly and often dangerous. That's where we come in. Having a photographic record of every inspection recorded, safely with a drone, of each asset can be invaluable.